If it’s happened before It’s gonna happen again

Change the lock on the door don’t let him come in
Because if he remains, It’s just a matter of time

Before the hurt and the pain become a capital crime

Don’t wait or hesitate, no time to waste and I don’t mean maybe 
Don’t lag, pack your bags, it’s time to make your getaway
Make tracks don’t look back, I’m no doctor and I’m no expert
All I know it’s time to blow, because love should never hurt

Slip on out while you can, don’t leave him a clue

To no place he can find when he comes lookin for you
Grab the bull by the horns, take the horse by the reigns

No froward address give yourself a new name

Just like a disease that won’t go away 

Set yourself free feel better today
It’s a dangerous zone that man is a curse

You’re better off all alone, love should never
Yeah it’s written in stone, love should never hurt

Lyrics from my new record - 

2021   Tim Hildebrandt  BMI  


I’m going to head on south, back where I belong ,where life is slow and the moonshine’s strong 
Hear the Cypress sing when the warm wind blows, Magnolias sway where the old Savanah flows

Let the southern rain wash away my cares, bumble bees a buzzin, their chorus fills the air
Feel that old sun, warm these old bones, when I get back to my Carolina home

Take this achin’ heart and I’ll make my stand, just north of Georgia, down in Dixie land       
Won’t want for nothin’ life will be so sweet, when I’m livin on whiskey and easy street

Going to go on out where the river bends, find a few good acres and make a few good friends
Plant a little garden, water it with love, thank my lucky stars and the good Lord above

Rockin’ to the rhythm , the lullaby of a mountain spring, keeps perfect time to the songs that I sing
Tall pines whisper, hear a hoot owl on the hill, he’s harmonizing to the voice of the Whipperwill


Everybody needs a vacation, that’s why I drove to the end of the world
A little R & R in a Key West bar, dancing with the Cuban girls
I bought a round for the Conch Republic, I drank a toast on the Parrot’s advise
I bought a round and then I bought a round again, on my first night in paradise

Here in paradise, you’re workin to hard if you have to think twice 
We like to party all night, drinking rum and Coca-Cola on ice, here in paradise

The last thing that I remember, I was carving my name in the bar
Before the lights went out I heard the parrot shout, “let him sleep it off in the car”
Now I’m never going back to the main land, I’m going to stay here for the rest of my life
You see, I sold my car to pay my tab at the bar, on my first night in paradise


In this world of fear and confusion, with no more bridges to burn
I say that’s just an illusion, there’s a few more lesson to learn
If you’re feeling dead on arrival, empty and blue
There’s a receipe for survival, here’s what you can do

Be somebody to someone, you’ll be blessed by the one up above      
Be somebody to someone and you’ll be somebody that’s loved
It’ a simple solution, when push come to shove 
Just be somebody to someone and you’ll be somebody that’s loved

We all need some protection, no one can make it alone
On closer inspection, the flesh the blood and the bone
Will vanish into the twilight, when it comes to the end
The best thing that you can hope for is someone holding your hand

I beleive that everyone can find a friend, someone to help along the way     
Just open up your heart and let them in, you won’t regret a single day


You’re either wrong or you’re right,

No in between only black and white
When time is through, the things you do, come back to you
You’re either lost or you’re  found,

When this old world quits spinning round
When it all goes south, oh will you make it out

What will you do when the rain keeps pouring down                  
Where will you go find a place to hide
When do you start, planning to go underground
How will you know if you’ll get across the great divide

A sign of the times

The hate the lies that make us blind
Leaving in our wake, the hearts we break, for heaven’s sake
When those clouds roll in

And the rain starts to begin
I just have to know, oh where will you go

What will you do when the sun starts coming out                  
Where will you go find a place to live
When do you start learning what it’s all about
How will you know you have the power to forgive


On a late night train from Memphis, down around Jackson bend
Had the luck of a conversation, with no beginning or no end
Talked about faith and understanding, how patience always waits
Why the truth is so demanding, then we spoke of love and hate
How religon’s never yielding, it would break but it would not bend
That’s the luck of a conversation, with no beginning or no end

One way ticket going to leave the past behind us, our hearts were racing from the pain
Though we came from different places, our destination it was the same
As the hour grew much later, it got harder to pretend
But that’s the luck of a conversation, with no beginning or no end

When the talk ran down to silence, west of Winfield, east of Tupelo
Felt a presence come between us, we had communion of the soul 
And we stared on through the darkness, when the night gave way to dawn
With the morning light upon us, our desparation it was gone, long gone
As we pulled in to the station, vowed we’d one day meet again
And have the luck of a conversation, with no beginning or no end


Her Daddy was a Southern Baptist preacher, the Bible’s every word she must obey
The fear of God her only teacher, to the fires down below if she strayed
No time for boys or socializing, those thoughts could lead to mortal sin

And why is heaven so uncomprimising, seems like they’ll never let her in

And she cries like an angel on fire, can’t fly on her featherless wings                           
Caught between her faith and her desires, God knows what heaven will bring

Confused every night while she lays dreaming, the devil keeps knocking at her door
Though fearful, she keeps on leaning, towards feelings she cannot ignor

One dark and moonless night she went stealing, away with a boy she met in town         
His touch was gentle and so healing, heaven on earth is what she found

Now reads between the lines a firm believer, in the Good Book and lessons that it taught
And faith she knows will never leave her, thanks God for the heaven that he brought

And she'll rise from the ashes of the fire, she'll fly on featherless wings

Finds comfort in her faith and her desires, God knows what heaven will bring


I met her in a retro bar playing Beatles songs on a red guitar, thought it mus be fate
I bought some courage with that beer and said to her do you want to hear, my basement tapes
She just stared into her glass and with an empty smile she said to me, I think I’ll pass
You see in my life I’ve been around the block a time or two
Thought I’d heard them all before but this one’s something new
Swear to God I’ve never heard that line, please rewind

You see my daddy got this tape machine the year he served in the infantry, in Vietnam
He won it in a poker game, bootleg tapes custom made were from Saigon
And he passed them down to me and every night I listen faithfully
They’ve got this special magic sound that you can’t recreate
And in a steady hand my dad wrote on every tape
Won’t you be so kind, please rewind

She said OK I’ll take a chance but I’m not looking for romance and I won’t stay late
You don’t look that dangerous and I’m just simply curious to hear those tapes
I took her to my basement room and it seemed like it was over, way too soon
We played every single song on every tape from A to Z
And when the last one ended she smiled and said to me
I’d love to hear that chorus one more time, please rewind

We danced to the songs of yesterday and we were swept away by the magic that they made
And when we the last note faded, we knew what it was all about

An awkward silence filled the air we felt the fire standing there in the candlelight
I took my hand and held her near, then she whispered in my ear, can I spend the night
We made love till daylight broke, fell asleep and when I finally woke
I was alone but by the telephone she’d left a note
Her name, her number, in nine words she simply wrote
I will finish my last set tonight at nine, please rewind, please rewind, please rewind


Whenever you hurt, whenever you cry

Don’t be afraid, I’ll be right by your side
To help you hold on, and ease the pain

All you gotta do is just call my name

Feeling alone, those heartaches won’t end

I’ll be your lover baby, I’ll be your friend 
We can weather the storm, chase away all the rain

All you gotta do is just call my name

When you think you’re locked in and can’t win, baby I’ve got the key
I’ll be your bedrock and unlock, those chains and set you free

When this funky old world, keeps getting you down

Reach out to me, yeah I’ll be around
Take a hold of your hand and help you maintain

All you gotta do is just call my name

Surrounded by fear, worry and hate

I’m asking you, to take a leap of faith
And listen to me and my simple refrain

All you gotta do is just call my name


Sometimes you feel depression, sometimes all you feel is the pain
Sometimes you feeel like we’re drowning, in the pouring rain
Sometimes you feel desparation, at times we feel nothing at all
Sometimes it all seems in vain, then you dream too small

So I am offering a candle, a beacon of light in the storm                                          
That will guide you to your safe harbor, where you won’t feel battered or torn
Let the calming seas of redemption, right your vessel from stern  to its bow
Don’t kneel in submission, just hold your position for now

Sometimes when lightning is flashing, turning darkness into the light
You gaze out on the horizon, with no end in sight
Sometimes when thunder is crashing and you feel Armageddon’s begun
Fear not that storm will be passing, in the morning sun

Where will you go find the answer, when you feel life’s so unfair
Not worth making the effort and you just don’t care
Give kindness and love your attention, reach out to someone in need
You’ll swim in the seas of redemption, it will set you free

So I am offering a candle, a beacon of light in the storm                                          
That will guide you to your safe harbor, where you won’t feel battered or torn

A warm wind is filling your mainsail, rights your vessel from stern to its bow

Don’t kneel in submission, just hold your position for now

You'll be in remission, just hold your position for now